Meinl Cymbals Matt Halpern “RAGNAROK“ – Meinl Drum Festival Video


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Drum Transcriptions

My Drum Transcriptions are available now! They feature in-depth descriptions and thoughts about each song, tips on performance and getting into the right mindset, exclusive photos, and top-notch transcriptions from my friends over at Sheet Happens Publishing!

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Get your study on

I’ve been fortunate enough to teach two classes with the great folks over at CreativeLive. The first class, “The Working Musician Playbook” will undoubtably help you navigate this crazy music business and give you the tools to come out on top. The second class, “Studio Pass: Periphery” brings you into the studio with me and Nolly where we show you our methods for everything from drum tuning and microphone set up to tracking and mixing a full Periphery song.

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GetGood Drums

Matt Halpern Signature Library

Whether you’re programming from scratch, replacing live drums, or augmenting room sounds, GGD gives you all the options to craft the perfect drum tone: a carefully curated selection of shells, several articulations and the widest dynamic range of velocity layers.

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Learn with me

Whether I’m on tour traveling from city to city or at home spending time with the dog, I always aim to teach and work with my students year-round. I offer lessons on-tour and online, and you can probably catch me doing clinics somewhere near you as well. Want to book something? Click the button and send me a message!

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Drum Sticks

Promark Matt Halpern Signature Drumsticks

Over the past two years I’ve been working with Promark to develop a drum stick that truly can become an extension of your body on the drums. Drumming is completely physical so it’s paramount to have a stick that can move the way you do. My signature stick aims to accomplish just that. With a sturdy base, short taper, and wide tip you’ll be able to wield this seemingly heavy drum stick with ease while saying to yourself “I can’t believe it’s not heavier”… Check it out here!

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Promark Matt Halpern Signature Drum Sticks


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Pearl Drums


Matt Halpern + Pearl Drums


Matt Halpern + Pearl Drums

Matt has officially joined the Pearl Drums family! He is extremely excited about it and together they are already working on new drum ideas and on developing new education initiatives. After recording P4 with a brand new Music City Custom Reference kit, they’ve identified an incredible sound and cannot wait for everyone to hear it on the new album!

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Killer Tunes, Killer Merch

It’s really an honor to be able to make music for a living alongside the other guys in Periphery. We love what we do and we hope you do too. In our online store we offer everything from CD’s and Vinyl to our latest t-shirts, hats, beanies, and coffee! Shop now and check out the goods!

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Speaking Gigs


Speaking Gigs

Sharing Knowledge & Experience

I love the opportunity to talk, connect, and inspire. Whether speaking about music, business, entrepreneurship, or life, it’d be an honor to share my insights and experiences with you! If you have a class, conference, or speaking engagement and you’d like me to come speak, please get in touch with me here.

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